Motion to Exclude Nonretained Experts Granted in Part

Plaintiffs listed a couple dozen medical providers and treating docs in this FTCA case arising out of a collision with a post office truck. The Government thought that was too many and what was there was thin as an airmail envelope. Judge Mazzant agreed in part, striking the unnamed medical providers and custodians of records, and requiring that the named providers be disclosed in more detail. The order is a useful one for the standards for designating nonretained experts, as well as when an expert may be added.

You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take

And you missed this one too. Actually, the parties just needed some clarification as to the scope of Judge Payne’s grant of a motion for partial summary judgment on a license defense The defendant requested clarification that the finding that the accused products were “Combined Licensed Products and Services” under one theory of infringement extended to all of the plaintiff’s infringement theories.