Verdict on invalidity & damages in Chrimar v. Alcatel-Lucent

A Tyler jury in Magistrate Judge John Love’s court returned a verdict in Chrimar v. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, USA, Inc. last week.  The defendant had stipulated to infringement, so the jury was just presented with invalidity, damages, and a couple of enforceability theories.  The jury found that the claims hadn’t been shown by clear and convincing evidence to be invalid, set damages at $324,558.34, and parenthetically noted that this was $1.2067 per part. It went on to find that Chrimar had not been shown to have committed fraud on the defendant, nor had it breached a contract with the IEEE.  Had it answered “yes” to the last question it would have answered another question asking it where the defendant was a third party to that contract.

Nominations Open for The Luther (Luke) Soules III Award for Outstanding Service to the Practice of Law

The Luther (Luke) Soules III Award is presented in January of each year by the Litigation Section of the State Bar of Texas at the Litigation Update Institute. The award is given to an attorney who embodies excellence in the practice of the law and exemplary service to the Bar. It is designed to recognize Texas legal practitioners who demonstrate outstanding professionalism and community impact.

Luther (Luke) Soules, III, was the first recipient. Past Honorees include Jim Coleman, the Honorable Royal Furgeson, Dicky Grigg, Kim Askew, George W. Bramblett Jr. and Eduardo Rodriguez Jr.

The next award will be presented at the 2017 Litigation Update Institute in San Antonio on January 26-27, 2017. The recipient will attend the Litigation Update as a guest of the Litigation Section, attend the speaker’s dinner with their guest, and an honorarium in the amount of $1500.00 will be made to the legal charitable organization of the recipient’s choice. There is a short ceremony during the update and the recipient is given time to make short remarks.