2018 EDTX Bench Bar – day 1

This year’s bench/bar kicked off this morning with a PTAB Bench/Bar in conjunction with the Center for American and International Law’s Institute for Law and Technology.  That was followed by a shooting excursion of the Frisco Gun Club and golf tournament at Gleneagles (which has a location change due to rain), and the Women Lawyers of the Eastern District of Texas (WLED) lunch.

The afternoon sessions were joint with the PTAB neck/bar, and consisted of five panels, which were:

  • Managing Parallel District Court and PTAB Proceedings (three panels focusing on stays, discovery, claim construction, estoppel, prosecution disclaimer, and best practices)
  • Patent Reform and the AIA
  • What Are In-House Counsel Looking for in Lead Trial Counsel?

The five sessions will be followed by a reception and then dinner on your own with the exception of the former law clerks and judges/bar leaders dinner.

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