Marshall Main Street Program Features Hub Offices

Marshall’s Main Street Program‘s Mornings on Main with Debbie Parker featured our law offices in the historic Hub building on their If These Walls Could Talk video series on Facebook this morning. It’s an entertaining four-minute introduction to our somewhat idiosyncratic offices (including the “tree house” and hobbit door) in an 1870’s building that served our community as a shoe store for over a century before we repurposed it as a law office.

I think it’s also the first time I’ve talked to Debbie that I didn’t hand her my credit card – she owns a women’s clothing boutique a couple of blocks up North Washington, and I’m married to one of her regular customers.

Motion to Transfer Venue Based on “First to File” Rule Granted

Of all the opinions Judge Hall authored while I clerked for him, Texas Instruments, Inc. v. Micron Semiconductor, Inc., 815 F. Supp. 994, 997 (E.D. Tex. 1993) seems to be the most-cited. While the case dealt with several issues, its central holding, that once the “substantial similarity” test is met, the “first-to-file” rule accords the first-filed court the responsibility to determine which case should proceed, was the part of the opinion cited again by Judge Gilstrap earlier this month in transferring a case.

Docket Navigator “Deep Dive Vol. 1”

Docket Navigator recently released one of its periodic special reports. This one takes a look at several interesting questions its subscribers have asked, and the detailed analyses they undertook to find the answers. The report is interesting primarily because of the unexpected nature of the questions. Unlike virtually every other report, the questions aren’t the ones you’d most want answers to – but here someone did, and it’s interesting trying to picture why.

Pretrial Conference Orders

Pretrial conference orders are usually like watching a golf game. Everything’s normal and quiet, but then once in a while suddenly a kraken comes out of the pond and seizes one of the golfers. Most of the time reading pretrial conference orders are about as exciting as watching golf too – but I keep reading anyway to see if something like the scene in this commercial happens. This order is the result.