Weblog Renewal Tips

People sometimes email me with technical issues renewing a subscription, and most are to the effect that either they get a “PayPal not working” message or that they did not want to use PayPal to renew, and thought they had to. Actually PayPal is not the vehicle for renewing – the site accepts credit cards (and we can do direct payment as well). I haven’t been able to identify the source of the error referring to PayPal (which is involved, but not on the subscriber side) but the remedy is a simple one. Just go to the Register page (top right corner of blog home page) at https://edtexweblog.com/signup.php and input your information there. Everyone I’ve sent to that page has had no trouble completing their renewal. If the same user ID and password are used it links to the existing account, but if not, no worries – it just creates a new one. If you still have problems, email me at michaelsmith@siebman.com and I’ll straighten it out.

“Sweet, crazy and little” – Marshall Justice of the Peace Named 2019 Judge of the Year

We actually do have state court judges in Marshall as well, and one, Harrison County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace Nancy George, was recently named Texas Judge of the Year for 2019 by the Texas Justice Court Judges Association (JCJ).

Judge George has worked in the justice court in Harrison County since 1987, serving as a court clerk until 2000, when she took the position vacated by her mother, longtime JP Pearl Schnorbus.

“This year’s judge of the year is sweet, crazy and little,” said Misty Beaty, chairperson of the JCJ scholarship and awards committee. “She is always willing to help. No matter where the help is needed or who may need the help, Nancy is ready.” JCJ president David Pareya agreed. “She may be small in stature, but her heart and enthusiasm are as big as Texas.”

So when have have your hearing for that traffic ticket you got speeding so you weren’t late for a hearing in Judge Gilstrap’s court in Marshall, this is the nice lady you’ll be dealing with. Be sure to tell her congratulations, and that Michael and Jamie said that they got two out of three right.

From Waco to Austin

I-35 from Waco to Austin will teach you patience. A graduate of both UT Austin and Baylor in Waco, I have done it many times, most recently last Thursday and Saturday. It appears the plaintiff in this case will be doing it over the next year after Judge Albright transferred this patent case from the banks of the Brazos to those of the Colorado.