Joint Naturalization Ceremony in Texarkana

On September 27, the U.S. District Courts for the Eastern District of Texas and the Western District of Arkansas held what is believed to be the first joint naturalization ceremony, conducted on the front steps of the federal courthouse that sits on the state line dividing Arkansas and Texas in Texarkana.

Presiding were Judge Robert W. Schroeder III for the Eastern District of Texas, and Magistrate Judge Barry A. Bryant for the Western District of Arkansas. Approximately 60 individuals from 21 countries were naturalized as U.S. citizens at the event. took the oath of Allegiance which will finalize their path to citizenship. “Today’s the happiest thing we do in federal court,” Judge Bryant told the audience.

The program was presented by the U.S. District Courts for the Eastern District of Texas and the Western District of Arkansas and the Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


I’m enjoying SMU law prof David Taylor’s new blog on the Federal Circuit, FedCircuitBlog which provides coverage of the goings-on at Lafayette Square.

Professor Taylor is the Robert G. Storey Distinguished Faculty Fellow, Co-Director of the Tsai Center for Law, Science and Innovation and Associate Professor of Law at SMU’s Dedman School of Law in Dallas. He’s a familiar case to Texas patent practitioners – he even brought his patent law class to Marshall last year to see how the local court works.

So congratulations Professor Taylor on the new adventure, and I look forward to reading your forthcoming posts.

M/Y Galactica Star

The MV Galactica Star

I rarely have to correct David Coale’s excellent 600 Camp, but he did miss something today in discussing United States v. The M/Y Galactica Star, No. 18-20781 (5th Cir. Oct. 1, 2019).

Not the M/Y Galactica Star

He correctly noted that the MV Galactica Star is not the Battlestar Galactica, which is of course obvious since one is a motor yacht and the other isn’t. He failed to avoid confusion by noting that it is also not the Rising Star, which was another ship in the ragtag fleet that accompanied the Galactica after the Battle of Cimtar and destruction of the Twelve Colonies.

Also not the MV Galactica Star

Lest you think this is an unnecessary point to make, I remind you that the case deals with a Nigerian official with large sums of money and an appellant named LightRay, so a Battlestar Galactica reference may not actually the weirdest thing.

So say we all.