RIP Louis Weisman Kariel, Jr.

It’s a sad day in Marshall and especially at the Hub as we learned of the passing of Louis Kariel this morning. Louis’ great-uncle Mose Weisman opened the Hub shoe store which now serves as our firm’s law offices in 1897, and Louis followed his father Louis Sr. as owner through 2001.

Louis Jr. and Sr. outside the shoe store in the 1970s.

Audrey and Louis in the building during construction in 2010.

After selling me the building in 2009 Audrey and Louis Kariel were our biggest cheerleaders through the renovation, and stopped by often to see how the building was coming along, including as our guests of honor when the historical marker for the store was dedicated in 2012. Like his father and wife, who both served as mayors of Marshall, Louis was a leader in the Marshall business community, and will be greatly missed.