IP Aggies Webinar Series

Spending lunch today watching the first of the the IP Aggies Webinar Series.

The Texas A&M University School of Law ‘Intellectual Property Aggies’ Student Organization has a webinar series starting today, and continuing every other Wednesday at 12:05. The first topic is A Practice in Copyright and Trademark Law: Current and Future Trends and Issues by Cheryl P. Leb, chair of the IP Section at Kelly, Hart & Hallman.

The presentation is geared toward law students and is giving them practical information on the practice area and what practice is like, as well as priceless advice on practicing law in general (“be nice” is always worth hearing). There’s even information of historical interest from back when we had law offices, sent everything by overnight mail, and had face to face meetings with clients.

It’s a terrific chance to hear a practitioner in a field you might be interested in, whether you’re a law student, clerking, or practicing. And today’s presenter is quite candid about how things work and how they’ve changed. Again, it’s just really practical advice, especially for newer lawyers.

There are other topics coming up over the next two months that might be of interest. Kudos to IP Aggies for putting this together and making it available.