2022 EDTX Bench/Bar wrapup

The silver anniversary bench/bar was a great success, and I’m not just saying that because we got cartoons at the Texas Motor Speedway event.

I finished my Fifth Circuit judges panel with Sen. Cornyn’s chief counsel Ryan Raybould at 2:30, and after watching a couple more panels took it upstairs for a quick nap before the evening’s events. Thursday night was a bit of a blur (literally), with some of us heading to Texas Motor Speedway where we rode in NASCAR cars around the track at 165 mph, with others hitting the law clerk party, after which everyone gathered back at the hotel for a late dessert and whiskey tasting reception hosted by the North and East Texas Inns of Court. (I mentioned the cartoons, right?) There were also booths for lip imprint and handwriting recognition, as well as custom hats. I didn’t see any armadillos being petted, but it was late. I heard lawyers 25 years my junior complain that they couldn’t stay up with the law clerks any more, and decided that was my cue for bed.

Friday’s panels were outstanding, and the conference ended with an engrossing account of the investigation that led to the capture of the Boston Massacre suspects. Typically attendance really falls off the last morning – but not this year.

Congratulations to conference planners Jennifer Ainsworth, Melissa Smith, Andrea Williams-McCoy and Andrea Brunson, and a host of court staff and session chairs for a great silver anniversary!