Motion For Supplemental Hull Plating, Um Damages

The prevailing plaintiff filed an unopposed motion seeking an additional $2.28 million in supplemental damages (damages through entry of final judgment) to add to the $31.5 awarded by the jury.  Judge Gilstrap denied the motion, noting that such an award must be based on actual sales information, and not just a per diem estimate by an expert, and directed the parties to put the proposed judgment back into, um, drydock where they could work out the numbers based on actual sales – and calculate interest accurately based on those numbers.

Texas IP Roundup with Michael Smith

Just a reminder of the B-CLE live webcast at 3:00 P.M. (Central) this afternoon online to hear about the recent happenings in Texas that will impact your IP litigation. With constant changes, last month’s strategies are already outdated. Sign up HERE.

In this episode, Wayne and I will discuss:

  • New Fifth Circuit Case Arguably Changing Standards for Challenging Venue Rulings — Will the Federal Circuit actually care about 5th Circuit law?
  • Austin Judge Transferring Multidefendant IP Cases Sua Sponte — Can all non-Texas IP owners expect to be transferred sua sponte? Is Austin still a viable courthouse for patent cases?
  • Good and Bad Ways to Handle Patent Litigation — How knowing when to give up can protect you from an award of attorneys fees.

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Motion to Stay Denied / Motion to Dismiss Granted in Houston Patent / Copyright Case

Judge Rosenthal denied the request to stay her grant of the plaintiff’s motion for preliminary injunction, but granted the motion to dismiss the plaintiff’s copyright claims for lack of standing, as well as other claims for lack of personal jurisdiction. None of which is as interesting as the day we spent Sunday (near Houston) touring the 109 year old battleship Texas, currently in drydock to have her hull blisters nipped and tucked.