“No AI” Order

This is the first of what may be a number of orders entered in coming weeks and months as courts try to stop the filing of AI-drafted briefing in response to the recent fiasco in New York.  Judge Brantley Starr of the NDTX leads us off with a certification requirement that attorneys are not to use generative artificial intelligence (such as ChatGPT, Harvey.AI, or Google Bard) without a human being checking the language.

Sometimes Creativity Is A Bad Thing

It’s so rare to see something truly new, but this motion in proffer’s clothing counts.  Plaintiff filed a “Proffer” requesting, um, that the court admit stuff and take judicial notice of other stuff. But not a motion at all, so, uh, no need for a certificate of conference. Not so fast, Judge Gilstrap held, and denied the motion, sorry “Proffer”.