“Last Week in Texas” Goes Video & Online with Berkeley Center for Law & Technology’s new B-CLE Platform

BCLT just launched B-CLE, a platform to provide legal education—along with complimentary CLE credit—for technology and IP lawyers. It contains LWIT, which is now a video podcast – current episode here.

B-CLE has the last six episodes of LWIT up in video format, and you can log in and download them free of charge – and get complimentary CLE credit for watching them.

The “Tech Tuesday” email will provide a link for each week’s LWIT, or you can navigate to it from the B-CLE website. An account is necessary to view the episode (which has a discussion between Wayne Stacy and me – not just my talking head).  The episodes will have (if they don’t already) copies of the cases we’re discussing.

Once you have an account, the platform will send you a CLE certificate for any program that you watch.  At present B-CLE doesn’t offer Texas credit (it does California because of course, and is adding other states soon), but will provide the certificate that you can use to self report. 

So take a look at B-CLE and see what you think. Let me know if you have any suggestions on how we can improve it.