Advanced IP Litigation 2020 – “Photography Copyright Litigation”

I’m speaking (virtually) at 2:15 this afternoon at the State Bar’s AIP course – and will be online to chat with attendees.

When I signed up to present last fall on the newly fascinating subject of copyright litigation as it pertains to copyrights of photographs, we were expecting two days at the Four Seasons in Dallas. Fate intervened, and we switched to pre-recorded sessions from our respective homes and offices.

So what attendees will see today is a split screen with the speaker and the slides. But there’s a bonus to the remote presentations – the Bar has invited speakers to be available to chat with attendees during their presentations, so when virtual me starts talking this afternoon – accompanied by my portfolio when I was studying photography in college – I’ll be popping up in a chat box on their screens in case they want to comment or ask questions.

I’ve watched some of the sessions and the substantive quality of the presentations – which we expect from TexasBarCLE – is matched by the technical quality. So if you’re interested, sign up and watch live or watch later at your leisure. The Denver PTO Office director is up next, followed by EDTX Judge Love and PTAB Judge Quinn on claim construction in parallel proceedings, followed by me at 2:15.

I’ve never watched myself present before. It’s going to be weird.

CAIL ILT 57th Annual IP Law Conference

Enjoyed moderating the judges panel with Judge Barker from EDTX and Judge Clark Cheney from the ITC today at the ILT’s IP Law Conference at CAIL. Judge J. Campbell Barker for EDTX-Tyler and Judge Clark Cheney from the International Trade Commission discussed their practices and provided pointers on written and oral advocacy at the ILT’s annual IP Law conference at CAIL today. Both are former clerks to CAFC judge William C. Bryson, so there was a lot of agreement, and I had a great time working with them to prepare the presentation. They also exchanged their favorite typographical formatting cheat codes, but I’m sworn to secrecy on that.