Georgia Not Sufficiently On My Mind

“Georgia On My Mind” composer Hoagy Carmichael

Judge Kernodle denied the third party’s motion to quash a subpoena issued in a case pending in his court for the reason that FRCP 45(a)(3) requires motions to quash subpoenas to be issued in the court for the district where compliance is required, here the Northern District of Georgia, just a few states down I-20 from Tyler. (Interestingly, Ian Fleming has no fewer than two women in his novels describe James Bond as resembling Carmichael).

Motion For Expedited Discovery Denied

Plaintiff DIRECTV sought expedited discovery prior to the scheduling conference to serve third-party subpoenas.  The court denied the unopposed motion, citing the plaintiff’s failure to request injunctive relief as it contended it would, or to attach the proposed subpoenas to allow the court to determine whether the requested scope of discovery was appropriately balanced between the scope of discovery and the privacy interests of defendants.