Change to Order Governing Proceedings for WDTX – Waco Patent Cases

Judge Alan Albright’s Order Governing Proceedings – Patent Cases was recently amended to change some of the procedures and provide guidance on the Court’s preference on others. I’ve included the relevant language below with deleted material stricken thru and added information bolded. Subscribers, click on through – nonsubscribers, it’s just 2,000 words, and what else were you going to do on a Friday night anyway?

Investiture – WDTX Judge Alan Albright

Had a great time yesterday at the investiture ceremony for the Western District of Texas’ newest judge, Alan Albright. The ceremony was held in the Baylor Club at McLane Stadium in Waco, and a good time was had by all, but most of all by Judge Albright (although Cam Barker placed a very strong second). Judge Albright was sworn in by his friend and mentor Judge James Nowlin of Austin, who he clerked for.

Congratulations Judge Albright!