BCLT IP + Tech Month – “Patent Case Management” panel

I am working with Peter Menell, Allison Schmitt and Roman Swoopes on a panel presentation as part of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology’s new “IP+Tech month” program – a year in review program with panels presenting on over 30 IP & tech topics during May.

BCLT reports that “[t]hese are not your typical CLE courses. They are highly-focused sessions that are curated through Berkeley Law.  Our instructors and faculty are the cornerstone of this program and, with over 60 tech and IP-focused instructors, that’s a lot of expertise.”

On Monday we’ll be presenting on the subject of Patent Case Management, with yours truly herding the Texas-specific developments while Allison and Roman cover Delaware and California, respectively. After that Professor Menell will join us for a moderated roundtable on the topic.

So we have something other than a folder of cases for attendees, I took the Texas-specific developments and put them into a separate document with the relevant narrative enhanced with photos and watercolors of Texas courthouses so it looks nice. It’s attached below. Readers will recognize it as a subset of some of the more important cases and developments in Texas’ patent courts over the past year. I had initially intended it to be more comprehensive, but in the end decided to just mirror what I plan on talking about as part of the panel.

Last Week in Texas with Michael Smith | Episode 24

This week was our first video blog – but the video isn’t up yet. In it, the EDTX provides a side-by-side comparison of motions to amend contentions. Judge Gilstrap also provides a wonderful example of what it takes to win a 12(c) motion and strike down a patent under 101 – compare to Judge Albright’s “uphill scrabble” to win a Rule 12 motion. Finally, Judge Albright gives updated guidance on alternative service and about his model protective order.