Notice of Filing of Liebowitz Sanctions Order

Copies of this 54 page sanctions order against copyright attorney Richard Liebowitz hit the dockets of dozens of Texas federal courts this week.

SDNY Judge Jesse Furman required that his order be filed in all Liebowitz’ cases. It details Liebowitz’ filing history and attaches as an appendix a listing of 40 prior sanctions orders involving him, which it concedes is not likely exhaustive.

It requires him to pay sanctions of over $103,000, and serve the following with a copy of the order:

  • his client in the case;
  • every other client he has;
  • the court in every case he has pending;
  • the court in every case he files in the next year;

The Court will send a copy of the order to the chair of the Court’s grievance committee for its review in deciding whether to disbar Liebowitz from practicing in the SDNY.

The Court also required Liebowitz to file in every future case for a year as an exhibit to the complaint a copy of the deposit files maintained by the Copyright Office reflecting prior registration of the work.

The recent Order is certainly the most significant in the growing body of Liebowitz sanctions case law. But there’s always next week.

Another juicy contentions amendment/sanctions order

So shoot me if I’m off topic. My engineering student (who is still looking for an internship in electrical and computer engineering this summer, if you know anyone) comes home from Baylor Thursday night for Easter and cooks a prototype of his new “folded steak” recipe (he cut an 8 oz. filet partway multiple times, unfolds it to cook, then folds it again over some kind of herbed butter because no one needs to live forever). It worked so well he made eight more for the whole family Saturday night.

You know what ALSO worked well recently? The plaintiff’s motion to amend its infringement contentions which not only worked – the defendant’s related motion for sanctions was denied as well. (The cross motion for sanctions for filing a motion for sanctions was also denied because of course).