Just A Reminder That If Your Kids’ Birthday Cakes Don’t Look Like This You’re Doing Parenting Wrong. And Motion to Compel Granted on Deficiencies in E-Discovery Production

In a scene reminiscent of any number of Star Trek episodes where the bad guys gain access to sensitive computer data, the plaintiff alleges that the defendant over-accessed plaintiff’s medical imaging systems to generate fake access credentials. The court granted plaintiff’s second motion to compel, requiring defendant to (1) provide “cross-walk” information relating a revised production to the original, (2) fix issues with production of text messages, (3) reproduce documents in the (organizational) form in which they are maintained, and (4) properly mark documents with their confidentiality designations.

Anti-SLAPP Presentation Interrupts Trade Secrets Presentation

Just witnessed one of the more brilliant presentation tactics I’ve ever seen.  Paul Storm was just up talking about a case involving trade secrets, and as soon as he mentioned a particular party, his co-panelist Mike Karson stopped him, and took over the podium to begin explaining the effect that an Anti-SLAPP motion could have interrupting a case (as he did Paul’s presentation). Brilliant.  Just brilliant.