Jury Awards Netlist $445 Million, But There’s a Catch

U.S. District Courtroom – Marshall, Texas – Photo: Carol M. Highsmith 

A Marshall jury in Judge Gilstrap’s court rendered a verdict in favor of plaintiff Netlist in its case against Micron Thursday afternoon. The jury found claim(s) in both asserted patents infringed, and willfully so. It assessed $425 million in damages for one patent, and $20 million for the other. There were no invalidity issues submitted, but the patent claim generating the $425 million has been found invalid in a PTAB decision that is subject to appeal, and the other patent is under review.

Train Wreck Averted – Marshall Jury Returns Verdict in Damages Retrial

The Marshall jury in Judge Gilstrap’s court returned a verdict in the G+ v. Samsung case yesterday, awarding $61 million for the infringement of the first patent and $81 million for the second – the full amount requested. That’s up from the first trial, in which they awarded $67.5 million, but in a fashion that indicated to Judge Gilstrap that they were confused over the reasonable royalty v. lump sum question, which would lead to a train wreck trying to determine whether future damages should be awarded.

Texarkana Jury Returns Patent Verdict

A Texarkana jury in Judge Robert W. Schroeder III’s court returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff Pantech against defendant OnePlus in a case involving 5G wireless technology. It found all ten claims across five patents infringed, and none of the five claims challenged to be invalid. It awarded a total of $10.26 million, concluded that all five patents were infringed willfully, and declined to find that licensed base stations substantially embodied two of the patents – which is the finding the plaintiff sought.