“Ethical Issues in Removal & Remand” seminar presentation

Despite being in trial last week (yes, I’m getting to that), it appears I also presented at an online seminar on removal and remand on Friday. Let me explain.

This was the first time TexasBarCLE has done a seminar this topic – “Handling your first (or next) Removal or Remand“, so the planning committee got pretty granular with the topics. I thought that focusing attention on the ethical issues associated with attorneys’ decisions on removing or seeking (or opposing) the remand of cases would be interesting as a subtopic, so I proposed doing that.

It provided me with a useful review of the disciplinary rules applying to asserting claims and defenses. It provided viewers with half an hour of ethics credit. The seminar moved from live in Austin (where I’d have enjoyed sleeping on an inflatable mattress in Tesla fanboy’s apartment) to online after COVID number ticked back up, so I recorded the presentation three weeks ago, and it was presented “live” on Friday. It’ll be re-presented on December 7, but can be watched any time for credit.

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