Notice of Readiness 2.2

Two new form orders from Judge Albright. The first, discussed here, amends the Notice of Readiness procedure. Nothing to do with our wristbands other than that you might notice we were ready for our tours on the Hornet last week …

Unfortunately, the ship is only open for seven hours a day, so after we did three 1-1 1/2 hour docent-led tours (flight deck, engine room and third deck) we only had maybe three hours for self-guided tours. Really weird seeing a 1:1 scale SCB-27A Essex-class ship. I’m used to the 1/700 and 1/540 versions.

Notice of Readiness for Patent Cases 2.2

But you’re probably interested in the latest revisions to Judge Albright’s notice of readiness standing order.

As readers will recall, the order was amended recently to include in the case readiness status report (CRSR) certain information that used to be included in the OGP. This revision isn’t as sweeping. Generally speaking, it provides timing for the court’s new “touchless” procedure for case management conferences, under which there aren’t any.

The report in the attached format is required to be filed seven days after the defendant has responded to the initial pleading. The case management conference is deemed to occur 14 days after the CRSR is filed, and the parties are directed to initially schedule the claim construction hearing for 23 weeks after the deemed CMC. For the cases which received the amended order Wednesday (generally cases which have CRSRs filed but which didn’t get a CMC notice) the Markman should be set for 23 weeks after Wednesday, which will make the day before Thanksgiving so much more fun this year.

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